Made in England by Wayne M0WAY
English Amateur Radio Station
M0WAY op:Wayne
Hello my name is Wayne, I live in the village of Wednesfield, just north
of the city Wolverhampton in locator IO82xo, WAB square SJ90.

Click here for a Google map of my QTH.

I was a avid SWL, listening to the amateur bands for several years
before taking my license in 2003. I have held the following calls M3CRY,
2E0CRY and M0WAY (Current).

I enjoy data mode and can often be found on PSK, RTTY, HELL, JT65,
ROS and Opera.

I also enjoy building my own equipment, I have build several kits like
The Bitx20a, Bitx17a, Bendon 80m DSB, PSK20, PSK30, MKARS 80 and
several SDR receivers.

You can send QSL cards several ways:-

Direct (No $ or IRC required)
E-qsl (It’s fast and free)
Via the Bureau (takes a while but I do reply to all received)

Below is a You Tube video of me working M0TAZ/p and M0UKD/p,

Well that’s it from me, hope to meet you some time on the band’s

73 de Wayne M0WAY
Google Map